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About Southern Pasts
The title of this blog, Southern Pasts, borrows from the titles of two books on the history of the South. The first is Fitzhugh Brundage’s recent monograph, The Southern Past: A Clash of Race and Memory. The second is Melton McLaurin’s award-winning memoir, Separate Pasts: Growing Up White in the Segregated South.

Given its namesakes, this blog will address issues related to southern history and how people remember it, particularly with regard to race. I deliberately chose McLaurin’s plural “pasts” because I believe that the South is a region with a still largely segregated understanding of the past. In terms of historical memory in the South, there are often (as the cliche goes) two sides to every story.

One of my goals as a historian is to complicate (dare I say, integrate?) the “separate pasts” of the South, both black and white, and it is with this goal in mind that I began this blog.

About the Man Behind the Curtain
I am a newly-minted teacher of U.S. history and government. I received my B.A. in history from the University of Virginia in 2006 and M.A. from the University of Alabama. While I don’t see myself as an academic per se (and don’t intend to pursue a career in academia), I do enjoy thinking about history and engaging in serious historical research.

In terms of my research interests, I consider myself first and foremost a southern historian. Like the title of my blog, this self-classification has two meanings. In other words, I am not only a historian of the South, I am a historian from the South.

For more on my own southern past(s), please read my very first post.


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